South Lakeland Model Engineering Society - History.

The South Lakeland Model Engineering Society was formed in August 1996 by a group of model engineers who wanted a base in South Lakeland to run their locomotives.

Initially South Lakeland District Council were approached with a view towards building a raised level dual gauge railway line on derelict tennis courts in the Lightburn Park, Ulverston. The Council were very supportive and agreed to help substantially with the costs as they saw the railway as a useful amenity for local people.

The members excavated the foundations for the track and a local engineering company supplied the pre-fabricated track panels. Also, the former tennis pavilion was made available to the society by the council so that it could be used as a meeting centre and storage for the carriages and also the trailer used for the portable track events.

Since then the society have improved the railway, the site and pavilion. However there is still much to be done including a possible future track extension which will more than double the running length and ongoing improvements to the facilities.


Several organisations and companies have assisted the Society with grants, donations or provision of materials. These include: